Meet Our Team

Bishop Dr. Jake Givan Jr.
Bishop Dr. Jake Givan Jr.

Dr. Jake Givan Jr. is the senior pastor of Unity of Faith Bible Church.
He was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, as a PK (Pastor’s Kid). Pastor Givan had a calling on his life at an early age to preach the Word of God.
He left Gary to attend college at Fisk University where he became the college campus chaplain. His first convert was none other than the young lady that would later become his wife.

Dr. Givan received his post-secondary education at Fisk University and Ministry International Institute. He has been ministering in the Atlanta, Stone Mountain area for over 30 years and has served in such capacities as the Director of the Atlanta Pastors Fellowship with the Urban Alternative under Dr. Tony Evans and Georgia State Director for Promise Keepers.
His passion to help the homeless enabled him to serve as a counselor with the Atlanta Community Concerns and Odyssey III for over 15 years.

Pastor Givan has a burning passion for the Word of God and the educating and equipping of God’s people. He believes that the people of God are not to be ignorant or illiterate when it comes to understanding and implementing the Bible. An ardent proponent of expository teaching, Pastor Givan consistently takes his congregation through the Bible systematically to provide a solid biblical foundation from the Word of God

He has been married to his wife, Deborah J. Givan, for 45 years and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Meet Our Elders

Unity of Faith is governed by elders. Paul emphasized a plurality of elders in the early church (Titus 1:5; Acts 20:17). An elder is a biblically qualified person who has been trained, examined, and ordained to oversee the affairs of the church. Our church has been blessed with godly elders who shepherd the church willingly, eagerly, and humbly.

Elder Justin Antoine
Elder Justin Antoine
Elder Paula Andrews
Elder Maurice Carter
Elder Maurice Carter
Elder Deborah Givan
Elder Deborah Givan

Jesus promised to build his church (Matthew 16:18) and established Himself as its foundation (1 Corinthians 3:11). In Ephesians 4:8–11, the apostle Paul writes that church leaders are God’s agents in building the church as they equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

Who We Are

We are a Reformed, biblically based church.

What does it really mean for a church to be Biblical?

It’s one thing to say a church is Biblical, it is another to actually be Biblical. We strive to be consistently Biblical in everything we do.

We are unapologetically Calvinistic. From beginning to end, Salvation is the work of God, not man. Our church is doctrinally based in that realm of theology that was recovered during the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century – known today as ‘Reformed Theology.’ We recognize that we currently live in a difficult time of church history. Due to the prevailing liberal culture, the impact of entertainment and the apathy of the church, there is the tendency for the church to react with a pragmatic approach to evangelism, worship, and ecclesiology. We reject these new paradigms in theology and affirm that what the church needs in our present day is a new reformation and recovery of lost ground.

Unity of Faith Bible Church exist to love God and worship Him. To love and care for one another and to share the joys and the struggles of growing as a Christian community seeking to bring glory to His name. To share the message of Jesus, the gospel with all who will hear, through lives that demonstrate His love, mercy, and justice in all our relationships, in our communities, in our nation and in our world.

We do this by deciding to follow Jesus and to make a daily decision to live for God each day. By earnestly studying His Word and seeking to value what God values and to practice the principles found in His Word.

Theology of Worship

The Primacy & Importance of Worship

God alone is worthy of worship and delights in His own glory, and so creates, seeks, saves, and commands His people to worship Him. Though believers’ entire lives are to be characterized by spiritual service of worship, God is present and blesses His people in a special way in corporate worship. Our greatest duty and delight is in worshiping the triune God in the beauty of holiness (1 Chronicles 16:29; Psalms 29:2; 96:9).

Reformed Worship as Word Centered

Since worship is of utmost importance, it must be protected by ordained ministers entrusted to guard the Gospel, lead worship, and train those under their care to offer acceptable worship, in spirit and truth. We adhere to the principle of Sola Scriptura (by Scripture Alone). God commands to be worshiped according to His revealed will alone, not according to personal preferences and cultural fads. The very content of God’s Word also should hold a prominent place within virtually every liturgical element.

Ordinary Means of Grace

God sovereignly establishes and increases faith through His ordained means, often called ordinary means of grace, which are vital for believers’ spiritual nourishment and growth. God’s people are therefore commanded to participate regularly in Lord’s Day corporate worship, in dependence upon God’s Spirit Who applies Christ’s benefits through His Word and sacraments. We therefore practice systematic expository preaching of God’s Word, recognize spoken and sung prayer as the chief means of gratitude and praise to God, and administer the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every Sunday Morning. As such, we are a church governed by the ordinary means of grace. Although various ministries and fellowship opportunities certainly exist within our church community, we are not a program-driven church but an ordinary-means-of-grace-driven church.

Mission Statement

To bring people to Jesus and membership in His family, develop them to Christ-like maturity, and equipping them for their ministry in the church and life mission in the world, in order that we may magnify God’s name.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to touch the individual, the family, our community, our culture, and the world with the Word of God. To have transformed lives that will transfer the values of the kingdom of God.