Series:        The Gospel According to John

Title:           A Witness You Can Trust

Text:            John 3:31-36

Purpose:     In this lesson, the question “Why You Should Believe in Jesus” is dealt with again: Because Jesus is God’s Son from heaven who testifies to
                   God’s truth, your eternal destiny hinges on believing in Him.

Speaker:    Bishop Jake Givan, Jr., D. Min

Date:          July 8, 2018    

Are you following the right Savior? How confident are you that you are in the right line? If Jesus told us the truth about hell, then the
consequences for choosing incorrectly are serious. He described hell as a place of “unquenchable fire” and those who are thrown there will find that “their
worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched” (Mk 9:44-48). If Jesus has firsthand knowledge, we need to face the reality that a lot of people will
experience the most unbelievable torment, pain, anguish, terror, horror and grief forever and ever without end.

And yet, most people prefer to take their chances. On the grand scale, they are not so bad. And there are many different religious options out there that can
feel so fulfilling. A popular option is to not choose one religion over others and just try to be a mostly decent person. Many are even choosing to stick their
head in the sand and pretend that there is no God after all. If you don’t think of Him, maybe He’ll go away.

Someone here or someone you know, may be in doubt as to whom one should follow. One may belong to a Christian family, but they have not made up your
mind yet. And maybe you don’t really care. I ask you to keep thinking about the way that Jesus described hell.

Now, for those of you here who are following Jesus, let me ask you the same question: how confident are you that you are following the right Savior? Can
you give reasons? If you get serious about sharing your faith and an unbeliever were to ask you why should they follow Jesus instead of some other religious
leader, could you give them solid reasons? Are you confident?

There are a number of good places in Scripture to take them, but an excellent one is the passage before us this morning. You see, there were those who felt like
John the Baptist was the best option. He was a godly man, zealous for God, passionate about his message, sent by God. In fact, when John wrote this
Gospel many years after Jesus rose again, there were still people who followed John the Baptist instead of Jesus. The apostle provides his readers with real
help here in knowing why Jesus is the only acceptable option. This passage can build our confidence as well.


I.         Four reasons for
confidence in Jesus’ witness (John 3:31-35).

    A.        Jesus speaks with higher authority (John 3:31).

           B.        Jesus speaks from
personal experience in heaven (John 3:32-33).

                       1.        Jesus’ testimony regarding heavenly matters is true because it is
eyewitness testimony (3:32a).

                       2.        You can’t judge the truthfulness of Jesus’ testimony by taking a
poll (3:32b-33).

           C.         Jesus speaks
God’s words (John 3:34).

                       1.        Jesus’ testimony regarding heavenly matters is true because God
sent Jesus and gave Him a full measure of the Holy Spirit (3:34).

                                 a)       While only Jesus could infallibly speak the very words of God, every pastor and Bible teacher should
strive to be faithful to the
                                           Word of God.

                                 b)        While Jesus is unique in having the complete fullness of God’s Spirit, we all should
repeatedly ask God for more and more of
                                             the fullness of the Spirit.

           D.         Jesus speaks as one who
possesses all authority (John 3:35).

II.        Faith is the one acceptable response to His witness (John 3:36).


I am greatly concerned that all of you believe in Jesus for the right reasons: Because He has a heavenly origin—He came from above and is above all; because
He has a heavenly message—He testifies of the Father; and, because He has heavenly authority—the Father has given all things into His hand. Because of
who Jesus is, your eternal destiny hinges on believing in Him.

I close with this quote from J. C. Ryle, which sums up why we should believe in Jesus: “We can never make too much of Christ…. We can never have too
high thoughts about Christ, can never love Him too much, trust Him too implicitly, lay too much weight upon Him, and speak too highly in His praise. He is
worthy of all the honor that we can give Him. He will be all in heaven. Let us see to it, that He is all in our hearts on earth.”

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