Series:        The Gospel of John

Title:           Mission: Possible

Text:            John 20:19-23

Purpose:       By studying these verses we are reminded that: Because the risen Savior has called and equipped us, we can
    confidently proclaim the gospel to all people.

Speaker:      Bishop Jake Givan, Jr. D. Min.

Date:           September 20, 2020

John 20:19-23 tells about our Lord’s appearance to the apostles and probably other disciples (Luke 24:33-49) as they met behind
locked doors for fear of the Jews on the evening of the first day of His resurrection. Thomas, who was brooding over his doubts
about the resurrection, was not present. The mission is summed up in John 20:21, where Jesus says, “… as the Father has sent Me,
I also send you.”

If you can think about those words and not feel inadequate for an impossible task, you are not thinking clearly enough! How can I
possibly go out into this world just as the Father sent Jesus into this world? Jesus was God in human flesh; I am not. Jesus never
sinned; I often sin. Jesus walked in unbroken, intimate fellowship with the Father; I do not. Jesus never made mistakes; I make them
all the time. So with the apostle Paul, I often feel (2 Cor. 2:16), “And who is adequate for these things?”

But in our text, our Lord turns mission impossible into mission possible. Paul followed up his feelings of inadequacy with the
triumphant explanation (2 Cor. 3:5), “Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our
adequacy is from God.” Here our Lord gives us five ways that He equips us so that mission impossible becomes mission possible:
Because the risen Savior has called and equipped us, we can confidently proclaim the gospel to all people.


1. The risen Savior has given us great peace (John 20:19, 21).

2. The risen Savior has given us great proof (John 20:20).

3. The risen Savior has given us a great purpose (John 20:21).

4. The risen Savior has given us great power (John 20:22).

5. The risen Savior has given us a great proclamation (John 20:23).

Years ago, I read about a pastor who shared how he visited a 14-year-old boy who was in a catatonic state in the psychiatric ward of
a hospital. The boy was lying on his bed as stiff as a board. Nothing had helped. The nurse, thinking the pastor to be a doctor, said,
“I think the boy is suffering from too much religion.” (the pastor let her get both feet in her mouth and then told her that he was the
boy’s pastor.) He went in and began to talk, and the boy finally began to open up. He was under a pile of guilt.

Ron shared the forgiveness Christ offers. Before he could invite the boy to pray, the boy began to pray on his own. Ron bowed his
head. The boy asked Jesus to come into his life and forgive his sins. When he finished praying, the pastor looked up to find the boy
sitting on the edge of the bed, freely swinging his legs. The pastor asked, “What’s this?” The boy exclaimed, “I’m free, man! Jesus
has forgiven me!” They walked out to a little patio area to chat some more. The pastor got great delight in watching the surprised
expressions on the doctors’ and nurses’ faces as they saw the boy moving around.

That’s our mission: To proclaim forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name to all who will believe. That mission is possible because the risen
Savior has equipped us for it by giving us great peace, great proof, a great purpose, great power, and a great proclamation.

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