Series:        The Gospel According to John

Title:           True Worship, Pt. 6

Text:           John 4:20-24

Purpose:    By studying these verses we can learn: Since God is seeking true worshipers who worship Him in spirit and truth, we should make it our priority
 to become such worshipers.

Speaker:   Bishop Jake Givan, Jr., D. Min

Date:         September 16, 2018

Introduction: It’s important for us to understand what the Bible teaches about worshiping God. We began our series by briefly looking at John 4:20-24 as
the basic text and then by moving to a definition of worship. We defined worship as “honor, homage, reverence, adoration, praise, or respect given to God.”
In John 4:23b, our Lord instructs us to “worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeketh such to worship him.”

Worship then, is giving respect or honor to God. It is to that end that we are called.


I.         The Importance of Worship

II.        The Source (Basis) of Worship

III.      The Object of Worship

          A.        God as Spirit (His Essential nature)


          B.        God as Father (His essential relationship)

                     1.         The trinitarian designation of God

                                 a)        Jesus’ usage of the term “Father”

                                           (1)         John 5:17-18

                                           (2)        John 10:29-33

                                           (3)        John 17:1-5

                                           (4)        Matthew 11:27

                                           (5)        John 14:6-11a

                               b)        The apostles’ understanding of the term “Father”

                                          (1)        Ephesians 1:3a

                                          (2)        Ephesians 1:17a

                                          (3)        2 Corinthians 1:3

                                          (4)        Philippians 2:9-11

                                          (5)        Romans 15:6

                                          (6)        I Peter 1:3a

                                          (7)        2 John 3

               2.        The trinitarian worship of God

                           a)        The worship of the Son

                                      (1)        Defined in the unity of God

                                      (2)        Demonstrated in the early church

                                       (3)        Declared by the apostle Thomas

                          b)        The worship of the Holy Spirit

IV.        The Sphere (Place) of Worship

       A.        The symbolism of the Old Covenant

       B.         The reality of the New Covenant

               1.        The temple of our individual bodies

               2.        The temple of our collective assembly

                       a)        Ephesians 2:19-22

                       b)        I Peter 2:5a

                       c)        2 Corinthians 6:16b

                       d)        I Corinthians 3:9b, 16-17

      e)        Hebrews 10:24-25a

Here are seven practical suggestions on how to grow as a true worshiper of the Father:

1.         Make sure that you truly believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

2.         Establish a daily time alone with God in the Word and prayer.

3.         Eliminate all of the garbage from the world that hinders your growth in worshiping God.

4.        Prepare your heart Saturday night for corporate worship on Sunday morning.

5.        Put away distractions on Sunday mornings and don’t be a distraction to other worshipers.

6.        Ignore the nonsense of others around you and remember that God is the audience.

7.        Spend time worshiping God in His creation.

A believer who lives the Christian life on his own is like an ember that has been separated from other embers in a fire – it will quickly die out unless the heat
from the rest of the fire helps to keep it alive. The forces of evil are too powerful, disheartening, and deceitful for a Christian to battle them alone. We need to
be spiritually strengthened, emotionally encouraged, and constantly motivated as we face the subtle and overt opposition of the wor
ld’s system. Did you
know that you are an integral part of the body of Christ and that people at your church should be benefiting from your presence? Make sure that You don’t
disregard the importance of the mutual ministry that takes place within the context of the church.

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