Series:       The Gospel According to John

True Worship, Pt. 1

Text:          John 4:20-24

Purpose:    By studying these verses we can learn: Since God is seeking true worshipers who worship Him in spirit and truth, we should make
                  it our priority to become such worshipers.

Speaker:    Bishop Jake Givan, Jr., D. Min

Date:           August 12, 2018


A.        Worship

B.        Worship

          1.        The fragrance of the Tabernacle’s incense
          2.        The fragrance of
Mary’s ointment

C.    Worship Distinguished


I.        The
Importance of Worship

         A.        Scripture is
dominated with it

                      1.        Old Testament passages

    a)        The emphasis of the first commandment – Ex. 20

                                 b)        The
establishment of the tabernacle – Ex 25

                                 c)        The
encampment around the Tabernacle - Num. 1:52-2:2

                                 d)        The
example of the seraphim – Isa. 6:1-2

                                 e)        The
exhortation of the psalmist – Ps. 95:6-7

  2.        New Testament passages

                                 a)        Romans 12:1-1

                                 b)        I Peter 2:5

         B.        Destiny is
determined by it

Unacceptable worship

                                 a)        The worship of
false gods

                                            (1)        Earthly/material gods

Heavenly/supernatural gods

Do you attend church primarily to worship God? Or do you go to avoid peer pressure, be entertained, or receive some sort of blessing from God? Is your
focus on giving to God or getting from Him? Are you so eager to worship God with other Christians that you attend church regularly and you prepare your
heart on the way there? Are you worshiping according to the way that word is used in a Christian context? Determine what you should do to improve the
attitude of worship you offer to God.

Here are seven practical suggestions on how to grow as a true worshiper of the Father:

      1.         Make sure that you truly believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

      2.         Establish a daily time alone with God in the Word and prayer.

      3.        Eliminate all of the garbage from the world that hinders your growth in worshiping God.

      4.        Prepare your heart Saturday night for corporate worship on Sunday morning.

      5.        Put away distractions on Sunday mornings and don’t be a distraction to other worshipers.

      6.        Ignore others around you and remember that God is the audience.

      7.        Spend time worshiping God in His creation.

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