Series:        The Gospel of John

Title:           What Will You Do with Jesus

Text:            John 18: 28-19:16

Purpose:      By studying these verses we are reminded that: You can reject Christ for many reasons, but His kingly majesty calls you to trust in Him as
                   Savior and Lord.

Speaker:     Bishop Jake Givan, Jr. D. Min.

Date:            August 2, 2020

In John’s portrayal of Jesus’ trial before Pilate, he wants us to see that even though Jesus was despised and rejected by the Jews, mocked by the soldiers,
and finally condemned by Pilate, the man on the cross is the King. John wants us to see the majesty of Christ as He faced this suffering on our behalf. He also
wants us to see the depth of sin that resides in every heart. Apart from God’s grace, we would have responded to Jesus as the Jewish leaders or Pilate or the
Roman soldiers did. But also, hidden in this story is the way that we all should respond to Christ:

You can reject Christ for many reasons, but His kingly majesty calls you to trust in Him as Savior and Lord.

I’m going to spend more messages from different angles on these verses, but today I want to focus on the question that Matthew 27:22 reports that Pilate
asked the Jews: “Then what shall I do with Jesus who is called the Christ?” That’s the crucial question that every person must answer. You can’t remain
neutral about Christ. To ignore or disregard Him is to decide against Him. Our text reveals four possible responses to Jesus Christ.

Today’s Lesson:

A.        You can reject Christ because He threatens your religious pride and self-righteousness.

B.        You can reject Christ because, while you have nothing against Him, to follow Him would cost you your career.

C.        You can reject Christ because you’re living for good times and are indifferent about eternity.

D.        You can accept Christ’s death in your place for your sins.

            1.        Barabbas should have been on the cross instead of Jesus because he was guilty and deserved to die.

            2.        Barabbas did nothing to earn his pardon.

            3.        Jesus died in Barabbas’ place.

E.        The kingly majesty of Jesus Christ calls you to trust in Him as Savior and Lord.

Like the Irish king in the legend, Jesus’ true identity was somewhat disguised. But if you consider His sinless life, His profound teaching, His many attested
miracles, His amazing claims, and His bodily resurrection from the dead, you will see that He is the only rightful Lord and King. So, I ask again, “What will
you do with Jesus, who is called the Christ?”.

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