Series:     The Gospel According to John

Title:        The Woman at the Well

Text:         John 4:1-42

Purpose:   By studying these verses we learn: God uses witnesses who are excited about Jesus, have a harvest perspective, and invite others to come to

Speaker:  Bishop Jake Givan, Jr., D. Min

October 14, 2018


If you’re anything like me, you struggle at being an effective witness for Jesus Christ. I’ve prayed about it for decades, I’ve read many books, gone to
different training seminars, and even taken a seminary class in evangelism, but still I often fail at being a good witness. An hour or two after an opportunity, I
think, “I should have said such and such,” but I didn’t think of it at the time.

Our text gives us some help in being the kind of witness that God uses from an unlikely source: A woman who is a brand-new convert, who is still living with
a man outside of marriage, who knows almost no sound doctrine, and who has not had a training course in how to share her faith. Yet she effectively
evangelizes her entire village for Christ!

When Jesus tells her that He is the Messiah (4:26), she gets so excited that she leaves her water pot, goes back to her village, and tells the men, who normally
would have laughed at anything she said (4:29), “Come, see a man who told me all the things that I have done; this is not the Christ, is it?” As a result, they
streamed out of the city to meet Jesus. They invited Him to stay with them. He spent two days there, during which time many more Samaritans came to
believe in Him. At the end of that time, they proclaimed (4:42b), “This One is indeed the Savior of the world.” This narrative teaches us that…

God uses witnesses who are excited about Jesus, have a harvest perspective, and invite others to come to Him.

When Jesus told this woman that He is the Messiah, she had to decide: Is He or isn’t He? Although a few commentators question whether she believed in
Christ (John never states this explicitly), the great majority believe that she did. How do we know? We know because of her response to Jesus’ self-
revelation and because of the result that came from her witness: She immediately went to tell others about Jesus resulting in their believing in Him. We learn
three things about becoming more effective witnesses for Christ:

1.         God uses the witness of those who are
excited about Jesus (4:27-30).

2.         God uses the witness of those who have a
harvest mindset (4:31-38).

              A.         A harvest mindset puts the will of God and His work above everything else (4:31-34).

               B.         A harvest mindset focuses on sowing and reaping (4:35-38).

                               (1).         The harvest may be ready in situations where you never would expect it (4:35).
                               (2).         There is great reward and great joy in doing God’s work (4:36).

                               (3).         To reap a harvest, seed must be sown (4:37-38).

                               (4).         You may do the hard work of sowing only to have others reap the harvest (4:37-38).

3.         God uses the witness of those who
invite others to come to Jesus Christ (4:39-42).
               A.         Focus on who Jesus is.

        B.         Invite sinners to come to Jesus.


That’s God’s invitation to you: “Come to Jesus!” Are you burdened with sin? Come! Are you thirsty for the water of life? Come! Jesus gives living water
freely to unworthy sinners like this Samaritan woman who come and ask Him for it. Then when they have come, He uses them as effective witnesses,
inviting others to come to Jesus and live.

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